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We are an independent agency representing media contents in the new digital economy.

Thanks to us, your media content - linear as non linear - will be distributed in the optimal way and with high copyrights protection.

We are here to help you stay up-to-date on the business since technologies are developing so quickly.

We have been pioneer in introducing media contents to all screens : TV, computers, mobile phones, tablets…

Our long term and privileged relations with influential players in the industry have given us a unique position to identify the needs of emerging business.

Different complementary media : television, radio, newspapers, news-on-demand, websites are collaborating and Smart Agency can connect you with all of them.


  • Test your product

    If your company is looking into launching a new TV programme, whether in education, health, art or culture

    Our solution is to convince broadcasters to implement the new programme
    In real conditions to existent subscribers
    On a platform: VOD, IPTV Mobile phone, internet
    Able to monetize your content

    Smart Agency is
    Capable of convincing broadcasters to conduct tests to a population of dedicated subscribers
    To bring the results to you
    To conduct a sociological study in conjunction with a service launch

  • Marketing

    We also help TV channels to improve their visibility in the operators’ offers - Positioning the TV channel depending on the operator’s needs
    - Improving EPG ranking
    - Personalizing all communication tools
    - Translating into local language
    Identifying and building efficient local partnerships

    Learning Languages by Television and Radio Programming
    For the past 15 years, Smart Agency has been a pioneer in the area of learning English language thanks to the implementation of television programming in public schools.

    In 2001 an agreement was signed with the Ministry of National Education and concerns 5 million students in France.

  • VoD, Non Linear Content

    Today’s audience is consuming content on demand and non linear, anywhere at any time and on any device

    On-demand services have emerged to take these new uses into account
    Catch-up TV
    Transactional VoD
    Subscription VoD
    Online Music

    Your business can take advantage of this growing market

  • TV Distribution

    Smart Agency works as a commercial agent for TV channels, to help them to develop outside their country of origin

    We facilitate access to any type of platforms

    Satellite, cable, ADSL/IPTV, mobile and now optical fiber

    We help at every stage of implementation

    Commercial Advice
    Technical Advice
    Platform Choice
    Business Plan
    Launch Plan
    Legal Advice

To each client

Smart Agency has a very strong ethical code which is respected in its professional activity.
The agency makes a commitment to develop a loyal relationship and exchange through the relationship which binds him to his partners.

With each client

Total loyalty, discretion, and confidentiality.
Consulting and commercial advice will be communicated to the client.
In depth knowledge of distributor requests: technical specifications, commercial news, new services.


The development of ADSL/IPTV brought with it the ease of illegal downloads; which resulted in a 30% loss of DVD sales and a 50% loss of music CD sales over the last 3 years.
Smart Agency makes it a top priority to protect the copyrights of authors and of audiovisual/music/written content, and has created a chart for its clients.
Smart Agency makes an effort to regularly inform its clients of legal development by country in the legal areas of copyrights and collaborative copyrights.

As a member of the Société des gens de lettres (society of literary people), Gisèle Charlet participates regularly at forums concerning copyrights, notably in the press and media.


The world of media is in the middle of a major technological revolution.

Fiber optical convergence

The convergence of television and telecommunications has succeeded perfectly in Europe. In France 50% of ADSL subscribers currently connect with pay channels offers.

Screen convergence

The media are now all on screens: television, tablets, and computers.

Machine to machine

M2M has been successful enough to allow operators to explore new options next to traditional routes, with a particular interest in the newest promising market, health.

Encouraging high speed internet: Faster and faster

Passing even the speed of fiber optical, there are new attractive offers available to consumers. With a speed of more than 100 megabits per second and high interactivity capacity, VDSL (very high bit-rate DSL) has a role to play.


Amongst the television channels, high technology, education and learning-on-demand companies that Smart Agency represents and has represented are :

NHK World - TF1 - The Open University - Language Garden - ComputerVision - SRDC

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